• Ron Miscavige

    The “Terrible” Life of a Trumpet Player in the Band

    A photo gallery of what Ron Miscavige really did, not what he and his obsessed anti-Scientology “co-author” Dan Koon claim now in his “memoir.”

    Ron Miscavige never worked steadily as a musician before becoming third trumpet with the Golden Era Musicians. Prior to joining the Church band, he played odd shows from time to time, but his main paying gig was selling pots and pans. As a member of the Golden Era Musicians, Ron had the time of his life with a gig most musicians only dream of, touring Europe and playing in such exotic locations as the Caribbean.

    Ron-Miscavige-with-Gold-Musicians-UK At a gala concert in the United Kingdom.
    Ron Miscavige on stage playing horn Ron Miscavige performing at a charity concert in the United Kingdom.
    Ron Miscavige with other Gold musicians on ship Ron Miscavige preparing for a concert in the Caribbean.
    Ron-Miscavige-with-Gold-Musicians-Freewinds-2006      At a celebration aboard the Freewinds.    
    Ron-Miscavige-with-Gold-Musicians-Charity-Concert-UK Playing at a charity concert at Saint Hill in the United Kingdom.
    Ron-Miscavige-with-Gold-Musicians-FortHarrison Ron Miscavige on stage in Florida with the Golden Era Musicians.​
    Ron Miscavige back stage laughing Ron Miscavige having a good time backstage.
    Ron-Miscavige-with-Gold-Musicians-at-Mix-Board With some of the world-class Golden Era Musicians in the Music Studio.
    Ron Miscavige in recording studio with horn Ron Miscavige during a recording session in the Golden Era Productions music studio.
    Ron-Miscavige-with-Gold-Musicians-Joy-of-Creating Crowds packing the streets for an album release in Los Angeles, California.
    Ron-Miscavige-with-Gold-Musicians-Sea-Org-Day Celebrating at Golden Era Productions with guest musicians.
    Ron Miscavige in the UK playing horn Performing with Golden Era Musicians at Saint Hill, Scientology’s Advanced Church in England.
    Ron Miscavige playing horn at a Scientology concert Ron Miscavige during a concert tour in Switzerland.
    Ron Miscavige on stage with other musicians laughing Ron Miscavige performing at a staff party.
    Ron-Miscavige-with-Gold-Musicians-Curacao Ron Miscavige with the Golden Era Musicians performing on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao.