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    READ: Ron Miscavige: A Selfish and Cruel Man

    Cathy Fraser has been a member of the religious order for close to 30 years. She has been Director of Public Affairs at Golden Era Productions for the last decade and knew Ron Miscavige for 25 years.

    Read: Ron Miscavige: A Disgraceful and Inconsiderate Man

    Jennifer Alpers has been a member of the religious order for over 30 years. She has been Director of Domestic Services at Golden Era Productions for the past decade and knew Ron Miscavige for 25 years.

    Read: Ron Miscavige: Someone who doesn’t know the word “thank you.”

    Suzanne Bolstad has been a member of the religious order at Golden Era for over two decades. She has been the Audio Division Office Administrator since 2007 and worked with Ron Miscavige for five years.

    Read: Ron Miscavige: Obstinate to the Bitter End

    McHenry Ellis plays woodwinds—sax, flute and clarinet. A veteran Las Vegas musician, he has been at Golden Era since 1989, where he worked with Ron Miscavige.

    Read: Ron Miscavige: A Senseless, Crass and Racist Man

    Russ Greilich is a sound engineer who worked as a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s been with the Golden Era Musicians for 30 years.

    Read: Ron Miscavige’s Deception—Says the Music Director: “He cannot be trusted in any way”

    A musician for 35 years, Adam Reuvini worked with Ron Miscavige for over a decade. A member of the religious order for 19 years, Adam is the Music Director for Golden Era Productions. Adam previously worked on Emmy award-winning TV productions and major motion pictures.

    Read: Ron Miscavige “a vampire personality…”

    Malcolm Chisholm has been a member of the religious order for 24 years and has been Director of Human Resources, Golden Era Productions, since 2007. Malcolm attended the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

    Read: Five things Wifebeater Ron Miscavige and Former Call Girl Karen de la Carriere Have in Common

    What do Ron Miscavige, a horrific wife beater exposed as a liar when he published a false memoir about his son, and Karen de la Carriere , who once worked as some sort of a call girl and who a Los Angeles Superior Court judge more recently found had no credibility, have in common?

    Read: Even a Tabloid Saw Through Ron’s Cover Up

    Leave it to the National Enquirer to find its latest scandal in Ron Miscavige and his namesake son.

    Read: In a Category by Himself: Ron Miscavige—Rudest and Most Selfish Person Ever

    Henning Benndorf has been a member of the religious order for over 20 years. Henning was a Senior executive at Golden Era Productions, while Ron Miscavige was there. Henning is also a musician, artist and visual effects artist with an excellent reputation in Hollywood.

    Read: Extremely Malevolent and Obnoxious

    Eve Stumbke has been a member of the religious order for over 20 years. Originally from England, she is a senior executive at Golden Era Productions, responsible for all human resources, communications, domestic services and training of staff.

    Read: Self-absorbed and Arrogant Non-team Player

    Training Director: Ron Miscavige was “one of the rudest and most self-centered people I have ever had to work with.” Erin DeCrescenzo has been a member of the Sea Organization (the Scientology religious order whose members have dedicated their lives to achieving the aims and goals of Scientology) for over 20 years.

    Read: Ron Miscavige: Immoral and Corrupt

    Internal Affairs Director recalls Ron Miscavige arrest for recklessly endangering lives while driving… Gerald Duncan has been the Director of Internal Affairs at Golden Era Productions for over 25 years. His work involves reviewing unethical conduct of individuals in the organization and helping them to lead more ethical, honest and productive lives.

    Read: Difficult, Inconsiderate, Self-important, Self-seeking Bully

    Krystal Simmons has been a member of the Sea Organization (a fraternal organization of those who have dedicated their lives to achieving the aims and goals of Scientology) since late 1991. She works as an executive in Human Resources of Golden Era Productions .

    Read: Ron Miscavige: A Shiftless Shirker

    Bert Drake is a 25-year member of the Golden Era Musicians and a recording engineer at Golden Era Productions. A professional drummer for more than 35 years, Bert worked alongside Ron Miscavige every day for over two decades.

    Read: The “Despicable” Ron Miscavige

    Tom McMurray has been a professional orchestrator and trombonist for more than four decades, the last 26 years as a musician at Golden Era Productions. He played alongside Ron Miscavige for more than two decades. I was associated with Ron Miscavige for over 20 years, day in and day out.

    Read: How Ron Miscavige Goes Out of His Way for a Photo Op

    Update: Photos posted to social media show Ron traveled to California, under the guise of visiting his granddaughter and her children. This is the same granddaughter he once stated he wanted nothing to do with after she wrote a book he declared was a “disgrace.

    Read: Ron Miscavige: A Belligerent Musician

    A professional musician since 1963, Carl Leach has been the lead trumpet player with Golden Era Musicians since 1993, where he worked alongside Ron Miscavige for two decades.

    Read: Ron Miscavige Trumpet Recordings “kind of like Milli Vanilli”

    Chris Maio is a member of the band and a sound engineer at Golden Era Productions. A professional guitarist for more than thirty years, Chris worked alongside Ron Miscavige every day. I worked with Ron Miscavige every day for years as a musician at Golden Era Productions.

    Read: Ron Miscavige “was a lazy person overall and would ride on the coattails of everybody else”

    A professional musician for nearly 50 years, Neil Kunen worked with Ron Miscavige for two decades. An arranger with Golden Era Musicians, Neil is an accomplished guitar player who attended the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston and was previously a successful music teacher.

    Read: Ron Miscavige “acted more like an undisciplined 5‑year‑old brat”

    Danny Dunagin is a professional security officer trained as an emergency medical technician. A volunteer firefighter who is active in the local community, he has been based at Golden Era Productions for over 30 years where he knew and worked with Ron Miscavige for more than two decades.

    Read: What Ron’s colleague of 27 years says about him

    Rick Cruzen is a professional musician, composer and sounder engineer. He has been based at Golden Era Productions for 38 years, where he worked side by side with Ron Miscavige every day for 27 of them. These are his views on Ron’s so-called “memoir.

    Read: How Ron Miscavige Treats Women Like Dirt

    Ron was a member of the band for 26 years and one day, shortly after an article came out detailing his prior arrest for indecent assault, Ron simply walked away from a wonderful life. Band members wrote Ron and documented his betrayal.

    See: Ron Miscavige’s Great “Escape”

    A central premise of Ron Miscavige’s literary forgery is his claim that he “escaped” from the Church of Scientology’s religious order.

    See: How Ron Miscavige Avoids at All Costs His Other Granddaughter

    Update: Ron has found time to travel not once but twice to Los Angeles to pal around with a minor cable-TV actress as part of his media whoring tour to try to extend his 15 minutes of infamy.

    Read: How Becky Schemes to Ca$$$h in on the Miscavige Family Name

    Why is Becky Bigelow married to cranky 80-year-old Ron Miscavige? After all, she’s younger than all of his four children. None of them can stand her, let alone consider her any kind of relative.

    See: Dan Koon: Failed Artist and Go-To Ghostwriter for Degenerates

    Meet Donald “Dan” Koon, a failed artist who is the true author of the literary forgery that Ron Miscavige is trying to pass off as his.

    Read: Ron Miscavige turns to Jesse Prince: A Self‑Described “normal American boy” who Commits Sex Crimes

    What was Ron Miscavige to do? He admitted on national television that he was a serial wife-beater who pummeled his wife once a month for a decade. His daughters recalled that his beatings of his late wife and his daughters were far worse than that—at least twice a week.

    Read: Ron Miscavige: How His Hate Speech Triggered Violence

    Shortly after 2 a.m. on April 23, a young man wielding a hammer was caught on a security camera smashing the front window of the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles. The man shattered the large front pane while cracking a second one before fleeing after being spotted by a security guard.

    Read: Third Trumpet Ron Miscavige and the “Incredible Lie” He’s Telling

    I worked with Ron for 25 years while he was in the Church’s band at Golden Era Productions. Nearly all of that time I was either his direct superior, his superior’s superior or the head of his department. So I know him very well.

    Read: Ron Miscavige, A Con Man Who Never Changes

    I have spent more time with Ron than he spent with his ex-wife Loretta, more time than he spent with his current wife, more than any of his children, more than any other living person. And knowing him as I do, I can tell you that he is factually running a con job on you with his book.

    Read: Ron Miscavige Recycles Internet Trash About the Food He Lauded

    Staffed with chefs trained by culinary author Wayne Gisslen with a kitchen designed by a Walt Disney Co. consultant, the Golden Era Productions food services have been rated “A” by Riverside County, which also bestowed an award of recognition on the facility.

    Read: Ron Miscavige Chooses Sides Against His Family

    After his contemptible decision to join with people who attacked his daughters, he then wonders why they no longer speak to him.

    See: Becky Bigelow: The Former Cocktail Waitress Behind Ron Miscavige’s Shakedowns

    In 1990, Ron Miscavige married former Playboy Club cocktail bunny Becky Bigelow—a woman 27 years his junior—when the two abruptly eloped to Las Vegas. She married him for the name of his famous son and the advantages she dreamed it would bring her.

    Read: Ron Talks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth About His Grandchildren

    Ron Miscavige shows what a hypocrite he is by complaining incessantly about not having a relationship with his family, notably his grandchildren. Start with the fact that Ron lies about who cut off his relationship with his daughters. It was him.

    Read: The Tragic Human Trafficking Story Ron Miscavige Wants to Hide

    In his effort to monetize his own family through his so-called “memoir,” Ron Miscavige cites hearsay he “heard about” on the Internet to make absurd claims he and others were “mistreated.

    Read: Ron Miscavige’s Diaries Expose His Con Job

    As a pre-eminent First Amendment attorney who has represented the Church of Scientology for four decades, Eric Lieberman knows first-hand the absurdity of Ronald T. Miscavige’s…

    See: How Ron Miscavige Dodges the Truth

    When Ron Miscavige abruptly left the Church of Scientology’s religious order after nearly 27 years, the one thing his daughters, Denise and Lori, adamantly insisted upon was that he not move in with his namesake son, Ronnie, who had sexually abused them as young girls.

    See: How an Ungrateful Ron Miscavige Treats a 40-Year Friendship, Let Alone His Brother Red

    Self-absorbed, he took advantage of Marion Pouw’s kindness, while griping that his late brother Red left him no money. Marion Pouw has been a close friend of Ron Miscavige and his family since 1972 when her then-husband worked with Ron in a local band.

    Read: How Ron Miscavige Uses His “Memoir” To Blame His Victims

    One of the most despicable things in Ron Miscavige’s “memoir” is how he engages in the classic wife-beater behavior of “blaming the victims” for what he now publicly admits was a decade of domestic abuse toward his late wife, Loretta.

    Read: Ron Miscavige: Headed for Prison Until His Son, David, Saved Him

    In May 1985, a panicked Ron Miscavige turned to his son David out of sheer desperation because he had nowhere else to go.

    See: Ronald T. Miscavige’s Cover Up Shows His “Memoir” is a Fraud

    While Ronald T. Miscavige (Ronald Sr.’s) book is a fraudulent narrative from beginning to end, perhaps the clearest and most glaring lies concern his cover-up of his own acts and those of his oldest son Ronald Jr. (Ronnie).

    Hear the Tape: Ronald T. Miscavige’s Crude, Racist Rant

    The real Ron Miscavige isn’t the whitewashed, sanitized version St. Martin’s Press is trying to dupe the public into believing exists. He’s an angry man full of racist hate and venom.

    See: Ronald Miscavige’s Deplorable Anti-Semitism

    Scientology teaches respect for all faiths, something Ron Miscavige could never follow in his life. It’s stunning how St. Martin’s Press agreed to publish and promote a book by an anti-Semite like Ron. He’s even on tape.

    Watch: Confessions of a Wife Beater

    Leave it to Ron Miscavige himself to expose in his own words the extent to which his “memoir” is a lie that whitewashes his sordid history of domestic violence inflicted on his late wife and his two daughters.

    Watch: The Great “Escape”

    One day in 2012, Ron Miscavige drives through the gate at Golden Era Productions with his wife like he’s done thousands of times before. But this time, without saying a word to the people he worked with for nearly 30 years, or to his son, the leader of the religion, Ron takes off down State Highway 79, never to return.