• Erin DeCrescenzo

    Executive Establishment Officer

    So my name is Erin DeCrescenzo, I’m the Executive Establishment Officer at Golden Era Productions. I’m over the Human Resources Department of Golden Era Productions and as such responsible for the training and education of the staff in the materials of Scientology and in the materials that they need for their duties and responsibilities of their functions that they do here.

    When Ron would come into the class room, he was often late, loud, would distract, slam the door, you would look—everybody would look up. It was almost impossible not to notice when he walked in the room, as if he was trying to get attention onto himself, distracting people from the very purpose of why they were there, to use the course room, to have that environment and that is why we kept it that way, so that people could just do what they were doing. They wanted to be there doing what they were studying and he didn’t.

    Ron’s claim about the housing is ridiculous. The only guideline is, to keep it clean. We’re a religious order, we have an apartment complex, it’s very well taken care of, we have several staff whose entire duty is to make sure that the space is well cared for, for us. The agreement that you make when you move into the space is to keep it clean and tidy. That’s the only guideline that everybody needs to follow. You could put up as many photos as you want, you can have whatever type of frame you want, wood, metal, I have 4 or 5, so does, so does my friends, I have a fish tank, it’s very nice, that’s my room. That’s how I take care of it. But it’s very clean, I follow the guidelines, no one tells me what I can and can’t have in there because, I’m, you know—this is not a problem.