• Gerald Duncan

    Director of Internal Affairs

    Well, my name is Gerald Duncan and I am the Director of Internal Affairs here at Golden Era Productions. I’ve worked here for over twenty-five years.

    Ron left, I think he left about March, you know, 2012 one day without telling anyone. He just left. And he had been doing a collection of money, collecting money from various staff in the organization under the guise of purchasing minerals for them, you know. And this was like in the hundreds of dollars. And he left with that money. To this day he has not paid it back or even had the decency to let these people know or apologize or anything. But he just took their money and left.

    He was definitely the first and the last staff member that's ever been arrested at Golden Era Productions. We've never had such a, a situation ever occur. So you could imagine when that occurred what happened. Everyone was trying to help him get that straightened out, because we have a good partnership with the community, the law enforcement agencies around. They always come to us for help and we provide help to them. So when that occurred, we did everything we could to straighten that out with him. But he would not do that, you know. He would try to get out of community service - many times I remember trying to make sure that he did that.