• Ronald T. Miscavige Confessions of a Wife Beater

    Part 2


    MEGYN KELLY: Well, what is punching?

    RON MISCAVIGE: I never punched my daughters.

    MEGYN KELLY: Just your wife?

    RON MISCAVIGE: In the arm or in the back. Look, I regret it. I don't know what to say to you. I'm not making excuses for it. It was a horrible thing. When I got in Scientology, the day I got in Scientology, I realized I had what's called a case. I realized that I was dramatizing things that I saw growing up as a kid in the coal region. There was never any touching her after that.

    MEGYN KELLY: So they discouraged that, Scientology discouraged that kind of abuse.

    RON MISCAVIGE: Absolutely, absolutely.

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