How Ron Miscavige Uses His “Memoir” to Blame His Victims

One of the most despicable things in Ron Miscavige’s “memoir” is how he engages in the classic wife-beater behavior of “blaming the victims” for what he now publicly admits was a decade of domestic abuse toward his late wife, Loretta. When pressed about it, Ron momentarily forgets his scripted talking points to reveal just how heinous a wife beater he was during their marriage. That’s what happened when he admitted to The Kelly File host Megyn Kelly on Fox News that he hit his late wife Loretta once a month for 10 years. That’s 120 times he shamefully admits to beating her!

Ron claims now that it “pains” him to admit he punched Loretta. Did it “pain” him that he beat her for over 10 years? Did it “pain” him to break her ribs? Did it “pain” him to leave her face black and blue? Did it “pain” him to beat her while she was pregnant?

Ron claims now that it “pains” him to admit he punched Loretta. Did it “pain” him that he beat her for over 10 years? Did it “pain” him to break her ribs? Did it “pain” him to leave her face black and blue? Did it “pain” him to beat her while she was pregnant?

According to his daughters, Denise and Lori, Ron actually beat Loretta hundreds of times and gave her black eyes, which contradicts the version he now spins in interviews that he never struck her in the face.

They also tell the heartbreaking story of how he beat Loretta when she was pregnant with their brother John, who died an hour after birth with multiple skeletal deformities, and how their mother always blamed Ron for the death because of the beatings he inflicted on her.

John Miscavige’s death certificate shows multiple skeletal deformities.

In the original draft manuscript of the “memoir,” Ron wrote “...we tried to have another child but that baby died,” entirely whitewashing the real story of how he repeatedly beat Loretta when she was pregnant with the baby. Prior to publication of the book, Ron’s daughters wrote a letter to his publisher, St. Martin’s Press, letting them know the savagery of Ron’s beatings that their mother had described to them and attaching a copy of the death certificate of baby John showing he died just one hour after birth. Rather than own up to his inexcusable violent behavior toward his pregnant wife, Ron erased the entire episode from the book he claims is a “memoir” of his life, removing any reference to the baby as if it never existed.

They also noted to St. Martin’s that Ron broke their mother’s ribs, and that when it got to be too much for her, she fled to live with her sister, Ginny. According to Denise and Lori, he even threatened Loretta with a gun.

… he broke Loretta’s ribs, and when it got to be too much for her, she fled to live with her sister, Ginny.

Now Ron bends over backward to offer up a laundry list of excuses for his lengthy history of pummeling Loretta. In the first draft of his book, Ron even suggested it was because Loretta came from a loud and “demonstrative” Italian family. He said that when he would visit her family “it sounded like an all-out fight was erupting” and “that was the way they communicated.” In a radio interview, he shifted blame again, stating “I grew up in a coal mining area of Pennsylvania where this went on on a regular basis.” In Ron’s eyes, it’s everyone’s fault but his.

And instead of accepting full and complete responsibility, Ron in his “memoir” offers a disingenuous apology before showing how he really feels by attempting to portray himself as the victim rather than as the violent predator who beat his wife. In true wife-beater fashion, he blames his victim. Here are some examples of the disgusting things he says in trying to blame Loretta:    

  • She threw things at me—pots, pans, and a pot of boiling coffee once. After a fight I would think, Jesus Christ, this is no way to live.
  • I might punch her in the arm or push her away when she was getting on me.
  • I felt nagged because she would get on me about totally unrelated things.
  • “I would bring up something and nearly always she would oppose it.”
  • The truth, however, is that Loretta’s antagonism was really directed only at me.
  • “It was a house of horrors for me and Loretta too.”

Ron Miscavige Sr.
They say their mother told them Ron was a serial philanderer, often cheating on Loretta with her friends… with prostitutes and piling up phone bills calling sex lines.

Denise and Lori say Ron’s mistreatment of Loretta was horrendous in countless ways. They say their mother told them Ron was a serial philanderer, often cheating on Loretta with her friends, while also spending time with prostitutes and piling up phone bills calling sex lines. She also told them that when he traveled around as a Vollrath pots and pans salesman in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, and nearby New Jersey towns selling cookware to nurses and housewives, he would hit on women once inside their homes. That’s why their mother believed Ron was guilty when he was arrested for attempted rape in 1985.

But it is his domestic violence in hitting the diminutive Loretta—all of 5’ 2”—that was especially despicable and which he goes out of his way in his “memoir” and in interviews to downplay and excuse.

In his “memoir” he claims “there were times” he punched her, “sometimes I did strike her” and “for the most part, though, we just fought with words.”

Ron admits… he not only beat Loretta but also his own daughters.  

But the writings of Ron and his family from that period tell a darker, more sinister tale about his abuse, one far more violent that shows how badly his temper was out of control. Ron admits in those writings that he not only beat Loretta but also his own daughters.

On September 26, 1972, Ron wrote, “I used to beat Loretta up prior to Scientology and have punched her several times since

He also said to Megyn Kelly on the Fox News program The Kelly File that he never hit Loretta after Scientology. While it is true that before David left home to join the religious order he kept his father’s behavior in check, Ron’s own handwritten words from 1977 show he started hitting Loretta again after David departed, exposing as a baldfaced lie his spin today that he had stopped:

I hit Loretta and lose control of myself at times (this was reported before but I have done this again since reporting it) 4 or 5 times. Also, have choked her at times when I can’t get her to ack [acknowledge] my originations [ideas].

Their oldest son Ronnie even wrote in 1977 that his mother “has told me that she thinks Ron is insane… She also told me that recently she was ready to call the police on Ron

Ron also lied to Megyn Kelly about his violent child abuse of his daughters, stating emphatically on The Kelly File that “I never punched my daughters.”

But 40 years ago, with David gone and no longer at home to keep his father’s behavior in check, Ron admitted to doing just that when his two daughters were the only children still living at home. Again, it’s in Ron’s own handwriting:

I used to hit the kids a lot before Scientology. Now if I see it’s the only thing that I can do, I’ll give them a punch. (Very infrequently)”

Loretta confirmed it then, writing: “One time last weekend he hit one of the kids for answering him back.”

And as his daughter Denise wrote in chilling detail when she was a teenager in the late 1970s, he Took me up, beat me with a strap, bruised my whole back and sent me to bed…This morning again he hit me again, I can’t remember for what reason…We are (I am) afraid my dad will hit us…”

So the evidence shows Ron is especially violent toward females. He admits to beating his wife over 10 years, while his handwritten accounts describe how he beat his own daughters.

It’s common for wife and child abusers to downplay their violent behavior to avoid facing up to it.  

It’s common for wife and child abusers to downplay their violent behavior to avoid facing up to it. They make excuses for what they did, blaming anyone and everyone other than themselves for the cuts, bruises and pain they inflict on others. They especially blame their victims with a “she had it coming” mentality. Indeed, Ron in his “memoir” acts as if he was somehow justified in beating Loretta.

What is especially shameful is that Loretta can no longer defend herself. So Ron invents anything and everything to make it sound like it was all her fault. He cites a “friend” (who he has told others is his buddy Dave Richards) as telling him that “Loretta’s game is to be contrary to you in any and all matters” and says her anger was directed entirely at him. He adds that “My relationships with people were always good, save for Loretta.”

Ron especially goes off on Loretta when he recalls her showing up at the police station after he was arrested for attempted rape in 1985, where she mentioned the name of a woman he was having an affair with. In his book, he described her mention of the name as “treasonous!”

St. Martin’s Press has been aware for nearly a year of Ron Miscavige’s long and sordid history of domestic violence and wife beating.

St. Martin’s Press has been aware for nearly a year of Ron Miscavige’s long and sordid history of domestic violence and wife beating. Not only did the publisher do nothing about it, it published and promoted a false memoir from Ron in which he tries to blame Loretta. Ron’s admissions to Megyn Kelly about his 10-year history of striking his wife reveal his entire book as a whitewash of his life. Keep in mind that St. Martin’s is the same publisher that once published a book called Stop Domestic Violence dedicated to halting spousal abuse, written by Louis Brown, father of O.J. Simpson’s murdered wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Now St. Martin’s published and promotes a book by a man who by his own estimates admits he punched his late wife on at least 120 occasions.

Ron now excuses his disingenuous faux-apology like one would expect from a classic wife-beater, “Look, I regret it. I don’t know what to say to you.”

Apparently not, because in Ron’s mind it’s always someone else’s fault.

Ronald R.M. Miscavige mug shot
Public record documents reciting details of the arrest of Ron (Ronnie) Miscavige show one of the women he was seeing had been the victim of a
human trafficking investigation, strung out on heroin. Her image was stored in Ronnie’s cell phone. This is the same cell phone number advertised
to reach Ronnie as a Manager at Long & Foster Realty in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Court disposition: guilty.
Ron's warrant of arrest for solicitation of prostitution.
Ron Miscavige paid $5,000 bail.
Ron was fingerprinted.
Witness subpoena.
Command to summon Ron Miscavige.
Ron Miscavige’s rap sheet.