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    Dateline: Chesapeake, Virginia

    Ron Miscavige’s cover up continues. Ron doesn’t seem to let up. He continues to blabber lies. Like he has done about his namesake son, Ron or Ronnie, the one he praises, the one Ron says never “gave anybody reason to dislike him.” Ron’s namesake turns out to have a sex addiction problem that led to his arrest in a prostitution sting that resulted in a guilty plea. But that isn’t the end of Ron’s story.

    “[Ron] turns out to have a sex addiction problem that led to his arrest in a prostitution sting that resulted in a guilty plea.”

    One of Ron’s parlors of choice is this one in Chesapeake, Virginia which has online reviews noting it provides “erotic massages.” Erotic parlors are a crime problem and a blight on neighborhoods. One report said there were 4,700 of these erotic parlors, with a large concentration in the mid-Atlantic Seaboard states, the very area Ron prowls.

    Cities are sick of these establishments and are trying to regulate them. In fact, city officials in Chesapeake have been trying to get rid of ones like Ronnie’s favorite for years.


    Chesapeake, Va.

    Massage Elite, offers “table showers” and Chinese massages
    Ron leaving Massage Elite. Perhaps looking back with intent to be a repeat customer?
    Ron leaves Massage Elite. This parlor is reported to give “happy endings.”
    A casual trip to Massage Elite, skipping the real-estate-conference-as-a-diversion tactic


    One of our readers informed us that Massage Elite was raided by a task force composed of Homeland Security agents and local law enforcement. This certainly indicates this massage parlor was involved in the illicit sex trade of which there has been so much news. What does this say about Ron? Here’s a headline—look familiar?

    14 women arrested at Chesapeake Massage Parlors
    Media report: Chesapeake massage parlors

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