Ron Miscavige • UnmaskedExperts list the personality traits of a pathological liar.

This article compares Ron Miscavige’s actions and what his friends, family and former colleagues have said about Ron’s behavior with some of the published characteristics of a pathological liar. There is a lot of opinion in this area, and when the facts are exposed, the real person is unmasked. These are the characteristics:

1. Abusive attitude and obsessive, controlling, and compulsive behavior:

According to Ron’s daughters, Denise and Lori, Ron beat their mother, Loretta, hundreds of times and gave her black eyes. They also noted that Ron broke their mother’s ribs, and that when it got to be too much for her, she fled to live with her sister, Ginny. According to Denise and Lori, he even threatened Loretta with a gun.

They also tell the heartbreaking story of how he beat Loretta when she was pregnant with their brother John, who died an hour after birth with multiple skeletal deformities, and how their mother always blamed Ron for the death because of the beatings he inflicted on her.

  John Miscavige’s death certificate shows multiple skeletal deformities.

Ron said “...we tried to have another child but that baby died,” entirely whitewashing the real story of how he repeatedly beat Loretta while she was pregnant.

Denise and Lori say Ron’s mistreatment of Loretta was horrendous in countless ways. They say their mother told them Ron was a serial philanderer, often cheating on Loretta with her friends, while also spending time with prostitutes and piling up phone bills calling sex lines. She also told them that when he traveled around as a Vollrath pots and pans salesman in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, and nearby New Jersey towns selling cookware to nurses and housewives, he would hit on women once inside their homes.

His daughters say their mother told them Ron was a serial philanderer, often cheating on Loretta with her friends, while also spending time with prostitutes and piling up phone bills calling sex lines.

Now Ron tries to downplay his abuse of his former wife. Ron has claimed “there were times” he punched her, “sometimes I did strike her” and “for the most part, though, we just fought with words.” However, when put on the spot and pressed about it, Ron admitted to Megyn Kelly on Fox News that he hit his late wife Loretta once a month for 10 years. And even that was his coverup of the full story.

2. Narcissism or self-centered behavior and selfishness:

Long-term bandmate of Ron Miscavige, Rick Cruzen has said, “Placing your faith in Ron Miscavige is a great risk. He says what he says to manipulate people for his own ends, nothing more. I say this from long personal experience.”

“I and other musicians were his friends for decades and we earnestly tried to help him despite his coarse nature. We tried to get him to practice, to learn music, to become a credit to himself and the band. He never did. The end result? He turned on us without warning and ran for the hills (as if he had to run—what a joke) and now he writes nasty lies about our Church (and about his own son). The only card he had left to play was a scandalous betrayal against everything he had supposedly valued (all, of course, for a profit),” Rick said.

Rick went on to explain Ron’s narcissism: “Normal people do sometimes holler or complain if they hear a harmful lie or see a friend shortchanged at the market, but Ron Miscavige hollered and complained simply because, no matter how nice his living arrangements, he just always had a problem with something. It was always all about him.

“Ron’s shirking, his lies, his racial slurs and indecency” were some of what former bandmate Rick Cruzen described when asked about Ron Miscavige.

“A perfect example is when we were in Paris for a concert. After our first night, Ron made a horrible row about how bad our hotel was and so got the whole band moved to another hotel called the Continental, no matter the inconvenience to the whole band. After staying at the new hotel for a night, we awoke to Ron screaming at the hotel staff for stealing one of his shoes. We were detained from leaving for rehearsal as Ron just knew they had stabbed him in the back and he wasn’t going to sit still for it. After finally calming him down, we found his shoe where he had put it, under his bed, and finally left for rehearsals.”

Yet another example Rick gave of Ron’s narcissistic behavior was “Ron’s shirking, his lies, his racial slurs and indecency, his pursuit of special favors, special foods, personal stewards, personal drivers, special exceptions from work, unearned bonuses and awards, special trips abroad and VIP treatment wherever he went.”

3. Aggressive, manipulative behavior:

A family friend relayed how Ron treats his current and much younger wife, Becky. Ron refers to Becky as “stupid b--ch” and treats her as his lackey.

A friend recounting Ron’s behavior gave examples: Ron would be sitting on the couch and he needed his horn case and would say, “Becky, go get me my horn” or “Becky, get my vitamins” or “get me a glass of water” or “go iron my shirt” or “get my clothes out.” Ron incessantly orders Becky around as if she’s his servant. When pointed out by a friend that it was not right to treat his wife like a lackey, Ron cackled, “Isn’t that what women are for?”

Ron refers to Becky as “stupid b--ch” and treats her as his lackey.

Ron does not let Becky have her own view and if she voices a differing opinion, he tells her “why are you arguing with me?” and then blows up. Becky has said she does not know how to deal with him as he will shut her out and refuse to talk to her.

But Becky has her own manipulative behavior and that is why she stands for it and shamelessly incites Ron and a handful of anti-Scientologists to try to make a buck exploiting his family. Ron had decided to attack his own family through his newfound friends who included individuals involved in harassing his own daughter and her husband through frivolous litigation.

Ron’s daughters, Denise and Lori, called Becky and told her in no uncertain terms how they felt about what their father was doing and that she needed to stop her games in manipulating him to sell out their family to make money for her.

Ron’s daughters, Denise and Lori, told Becky in no uncertain terms how they felt about what their father was doing and that she needed to stop her games in manipulating him to sell out their family to make money for her.

Becky’s response to their phone call? To egg him on more. Becky is the one in the background, urging ahead their father to make her some money. Becky may tell Ron that she is sticking by him until the bitter end—actually prodding him to make more money for her.

Becky’s dishonesty in finances is nothing new. During her period working for the Church, she was caught lying, destroyed valuable documents and produced inferior materials to go to parishioners which had to be redone by others at significant expense. Becky even was caught secretly juggling accounts to cover up bad printing jobs that had to be reprinted, spending $53,000 with no authority to do so.

Becky’s co-workers constantly called her out, stating “Becky will lie to save her butt.” “She is untrustworthy and unproductive.”

Becky’s co-workers constantly called her out, stating “Becky will lie to save her butt.” “She is untrustworthy and unproductive.”

One and the same, Ron Miscavige and Becky Bigelow, are partners in dishonesty and betrayal, described by friends, family and former colleagues in terms that some say could match the traits of a pathological liar.

As experts say, “The very fact that a lie could be found out does not affect the pathological liar. They have an inability to consider the consequences or even fear of being found out. It’s as if the pathological liar believes they are smarter than everyone and will never be found out. The very fact that the pathological liars’ work life, home life or reputation could be in jeopardy as a result of the lies does not phase the liar. Guilt, shame or regret does not affect the liar. Consequences also do not seem to affect the liar.”

Ronald R.M. Miscavige mug shot
Public record documents reciting details of the arrest of Ron (Ronnie) Miscavige show one of the women he was seeing had been the victim of a
human trafficking investigation, strung out on heroin. Her image was stored in Ronnie’s cell phone. This is the same cell phone number advertised
to reach Ronnie as a Manager at Long & Foster Realty in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Court disposition: guilty.
Ron's warrant of arrest for solicitation of prostitution.
Ron Miscavige paid $5,000 bail.
Ron was fingerprinted.
Witness subpoena.
Command to summon Ron Miscavige.
Ron Miscavige’s rap sheet.