Director of Domestic Services: Ron “lived in the most beautiful staff apartment facility that I have seen”

A letter to St. Martin’s Press from Jennifer Alpers, Director of Domestic Services, Golden Era Productions

Jennifer Alpers portrait
Jennifer Alpers

It has come to my attention that you are planning to publish a book by my former associate, Ron Miscavige.

I have known Ron since the late 1980s when he first arrived at Golden Era Productions and continued to know him until he left. In 1988 I left Golden Era Productions to work at the Freewinds in an executive capacity. For the 8 years that I worked at the Freewinds I dealt with Ron as one of the musicians that would perform aboard during our annual Anniversary Cruise. This was the busiest time of year with a ship packed out to maximum capacity and a lot of special guests and performers. I was involved in the set up and organization of the cruise. I would make sure that the ship guests including Ron’s former wife Loretta were taken care of while aboard. Even though it was not my job directly, I oversaw the set up of all domestic services for the Golden Era Production Musicians who were performing during the week. Nonetheless, Ron used to come directly to me to get whatever he wanted using the fact that he could go to his son to cause trouble if I didn’t service him, which would never happen. The leader of our Church doesn’t operate that way and is kind and fair. But Ron was a bully and would try to intimate it. Ron had a way of doing that even though he was already being offered good service and assistance from the ship’s crew.

In 2007 my relationship with Ron was as the Director of Domestic Services here at Golden Era Productions. I am responsible for the kitchen facility and feeding about 450 staff each day, the janitorial and housekeeping services including laundry and dry cleaning as well as the motor pool facility.

In regards to my experience with Ron in our dining room facility, Ron was provided all of his meals in our newly renovated dining room. It was Ron’s son, Mr. David Miscavige, who made sure that the planning and design was done for the kitchen and dining room and everything taken care of so we have a state-of-the-art kitchen and an exquisite dining room facility. Ron was able to use and enjoy both facilities and knew that his own son was behind the entire thing. For Ron to bad mouth him in any way is outrageous considering what he did for Ron and all of the staff living at Golden Era Productions to ensure we have the nicest environment possible to live and work. It truly is a resort and I have been to some of the best across the entire Caribbean from St. Barts to the Virgin Islands.

Ron was granted a lot of respect and special care and attention by his son on his birthday. A special meal was provided Ron and his wife Becky at the most prestigious table in the dining room that was set in an Italian style with red and white checkered table cloth, Italian decorations and lots of special food and wine as a gift from his son to him. Ron and Becky were wined and dined on his birthday with a photographer assigned to take photographs. A waitress was assigned to the table and he was served hand and foot. This was a big deal and Ron loved it and looked forward to it. I used to talk to him during the meal and afterwards and was offered some of the goodies. Ron was totally excited by it and proud. He was given so much special care and attention by his son. Everybody here can tell you what a big deal it was and how nice it was made for Ron. For him to now say something bad about his son blows my mind.

Ron lived in the most beautiful staff apartment facility that I have seen. This facility was again established and put here by Ron’s son.   

Ron lived in the most beautiful staff apartment facility that I have seen. This facility was again established and put here by Ron’s son. And by this I mean he oversaw the design of the rooms and the buildings down to every single detail. The apartment complex for the staff includes a separate laundry and dry cleaning plant which washes all of the bed and table linens for the staff and does all of the dry cleaning on site. Ron never had to wash his own sheets or towels. He was provided with a laundromat in his apartment building and given all of the supplies to care for his room. While Ron was given all of this, thanks to his son who he now thinks he can criticize, Ron didn’t do his part to keep his room clean. In fact, Ron and Becky had the most filthy apartment. He took the white sealer called Grout Armor off his tile grout lines which required maintenance personnel days to repair not to mention the various other repairs that had to be done to the apartment after he left. Ron’s apartment room was not kept up to the level that any normal person would keep their apartment. I know because I occasionally went in there and the place stank to high heaven and had so much junk in it, not to mention the damaged floor from him stripping off the white sealer.

I also had the misfortune of having to turn over Ron’s earlier apartment in a complex in town called Kirby where Ron and other staff used to live prior to the establishment of the apartments on our property. Ron’s apartment at Kirby was disgusting. I know because I was the lucky one that had to clear it out and clean it to make it presentable to the Landlord. I had a lot of other apartments to inspect for the turnover to the Landlord and without a question, Ron’s apartment was the worst one of all. I am not exaggerating. The girl who works under me as the staff member in charge of staff accommodations can tell you the same story. Ron was a pig and kept his apartment in a disgraceful condition. He carried over his bad habits to the new place and despite my Staff Accommodations personnel attempting to show Ron and Becky how to keep their room clean, he would not.

As I was also responsible for the janitorial services, Ron would come up to me directly even though I was the Director of 3 major sections with over 20 staff under me, to get whatever he wanted. He would come to me at any time and expect me to drop what I was doing to get him what he wanted. He was really obnoxious I must say and a pest, to be honest.

Ron always inferred or insinuated that if you didn’t help him, he would go higher in our organization structure to get what he wanted by making you think that you’d get in trouble. Like I said earlier, I never did get in trouble, but boy did Ron use that to get his own way and get what he wanted.

The other area that I interfaced with Ron was in our motor pool vehicle shop. Ron was given a car by his son for his birthday. I mean his son was so generous to him it was just amazing. How Ron now can turn around and write the garbage that he is writing about his son just defies imagination. I certainly haven’t been given anything like that from any of my family members. I don’t know about yours. Often a father gets a car for their child but not usually the other way around. I think that’s pretty kind of Ron’s son and shows how compassionate and caring he was for his father.

Ron used to come into the Motorpool facility when there was a single mechanic running the entire shop and caring for several buses and several fleets of cars. Ron used to expect the one guy in the shop to drop whatever he was doing to service Ron and his personal car. The mechanic just didn’t have the time to always service Ron so Ron would come to me to demand that I get my mechanic to service Ron instantly. My mechanic is not the type of person to just drop what he is doing as he had organizational fleet vehicles he had to keep operational for the rest of the property to function. Then, when I didn’t immediately jump and get Ron what he wanted he picked up the phone and called our superior to get her to make us service him. This went on for years and again was obnoxious. The mechanic saw through this and thought that Ron was a jerk because it was so obvious that Ron was just thinking of himself and not the organization.

About 4-5 years ago, once again Ron’s son made sure that Golden Era Productions got a new fleet of cars and vans for the property. A few staff were added to this area to care for the new fleet. Nonetheless and despite over 60 cars and vans to care for, Ron made his way into the shop at random times, including during his working hours, to get things he wanted for his car. Ron continued to demand instant service and would not fill in the standard forms to get his personal vehicle serviced on the schedule provided for such.

In September 2011, Ron had an accident on his motorbike and blamed the mechanic for not changing out the inner tube of his tire when it had had a hole in it. The mechanic had put a patch and a product called Slime which is standard in this instance. What Ron didn’t say was that his front and rear wheels were at only 19 PSI when they were supposed to be at 32 PSI. And from all investigation the cause of his motorbike accident was the fact that the bike tires weren’t full enough. Ron had not been checking his tire pressure when driving his bike and that was obviously ultimately his responsibility as it was his bike. Ron however managed to misdirect people into believing that the mechanic was at fault. That’s what Ron was like.

The truth is that Ron was well taken care of and in fact granted respect and the services that he needed to live a good life here at Golden Era Productions. That he could be bad mouthing his son is just an outright lie considering it was his son who made sure that all of the personal staff facilities were put here. Ron in fact was granted a bit of extra attention and care.

The truth is that Ron was well taken care of and in fact granted respect and the services that he needed to live a good life here at Golden Era Productions.   

I just wanted to make sure you are aware of the fact that Ron lies and his book could only be bunk. You should know so that the lies do not rebound on you as the publisher. Myself and others will continue exposing Ron for his deceit.


Jennifer Alpers
Director of Domestic Services

Ronald R.M. Miscavige mug shot
Public record documents reciting details of the arrest of Ron (Ronnie) Miscavige show one of the women he was seeing had been the victim of a
human trafficking investigation, strung out on heroin. Her image was stored in Ronnie’s cell phone. This is the same cell phone number advertised
to reach Ronnie as a Manager at Long & Foster Realty in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Court disposition: guilty.
Ron's warrant of arrest for solicitation of prostitution.
Ron Miscavige paid $5,000 bail.
Ron was fingerprinted.
Witness subpoena.
Command to summon Ron Miscavige.
Ron Miscavige’s rap sheet.