• Golden Era Productions

    Behind-the-Scenes at the Worker’s Paradise Ron Miscavige “Escaped” From 

    Photos don’t lie. See the idyllic location where Ron Miscavige lived and worked for 27 years.

    The photos of Golden Era Productions speak for themselves. It’s never been the dire place Ron and his obsessed anti-Scientologist “co-author” Dan Koon lie about in Ron’s false “memoir.” As anyone who works and lives there will tell you, Ron’s portrayal is absurd. It’s a beautiful place to work with an abundance of production and living facilities, all set against the beauty of the rustic hills of Riverside County, California. Check out what Ron left behind.

    Entrance, Golden Era Productions Located in Hemet, California, Golden Era Productions is prominent and well known in the area. The 500-acre property is located on and bisected by a public highway. During his 27 years at Golden Era Productions, Ron Miscavige passed through these gates thousands of times.
    Exterior Golden Era Productions Exterior view of a portion of the 500-acre property, nothing like what Ron and his “co-author” Dan Koon portray.
    Exterior Gold Base Another exterior view of the Golden Era Productions property.
    Music Studio at Golden Era The Golden Era Productions Music Studio where Ron Miscavige worked. Ron never had the chance to play with top musicians until he was given a chance to play at Golden Era. Now he’s thrown it all away.
    Studio and Mix Board Golden Era Productions The state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind music studio used for mixing Church music albums and film and video soundtracks. The facility boasts a unique 96-channel, George Massenburg fully automated mix board. Ron never got to use top quality equipment until he came to Golden Era.
    Music Studio Interior, Golden Era Productions The music studio designed for recording Church film soundtracks and music albums.
    Music Scoring Room, Golden Era Productions One of several music composition and scoring rooms for the production of Church video and film soundtracks that Ron regularly worked in.
    Music Scoring Room 2, Golden Era Productions Another music composition and scoring room where Ron Miscavige worked as a musician.
    Music Studio Conference Room, Golden Era One of the conference rooms used by musicians working in the Music Studio at Golden Era Productions.
    Lounge, Music Studio, Golden Era A lounge in the Music Studio at Golden Era Productions for musicians and visiting talent.
    Music Rehearsal Golden Era Productions The music rehearsal room for the Golden Era Productions musicians. Unlike the other musicians, Ron rarely rehearsed.
    Music Library, Golden Era Productions An extensive library containing thousands of recordings covering every musical genre is available to the Golden Era Musicians.
    Exterior Castle Sounds Stage, Gold Base Golden Era Productions film studio used for Church film productions.
    Gold Sound Stage with Crew The 20,000-square-foot, three-story film sound stage at Golden Era Productions.
    Golden Era, MCI Dining Facility Five-star dining facilities at Golden Era Productions.
    Gold Base MCI Exterior with Clock Another exterior view of the dining facilities.
    Interior, MCI Dining Room at Gold Golden Era Productions dining room for staff and visitors.
    MCI Lounge at Golden Era Lounge in the dining facility.
    Golden Era, Galley Food Preps Kitchen A professional kitchen serves high-quality full-service meals to the Golden Era Productions staff and visitors. The facilities were designed by one of the world’s pre-eminent professional kitchen designers.
    Galley Food Facility at Golden Era Productions Another view of the five-star kitchen that produces the meals that Ron Miscavige used to compliment regularly.
    Golden Era Galley Food Area Yet another view of the kitchen.
    Gold Base Berthing Buildings      Staff living quarters comfortably house those who work at Golden Era Productions, with parking for staff members’ cars. Ron Miscavige had a car given to him by his son and daughters that he drove thousands of times on and off the property.    
    Staff Accommodations Berthing Buildings Exterior, Gold Base Another exterior view of the staff living quarters.
    Gold Base Staff Berthing Lounge interior One of the lounges available for Golden Era Productions staff in their living quarters.
    Bedroom, Staff Apartments at Gold Base Ron Miscavige and wife Becky Bigelow’s apartment at Golden Era in 2012 during the time they lived there. Admitted liar Dan Koon and Ron Miscavige make bizarre, absurd claims in Ron’s “memoir,” including one that pictures aren’t allowed to be displayed in one’s room. This photo proves they are lying, as Ron and Becky’s photos can be seen on the shelf in their room.
    Gold Base Staff Laundry and Dry Cleaning Building The laundry facility that services Golden Era staff and visitors with pressed linen and towels.
    Interior Laundry Facility at Gold Base Egyptian cotton bed linens are laundered and pressed for Golden Era staff and visitors in this laundry facility located on the property.
    Dry Cleaning Facility for Staff at Golden Era Golden Era also provides dry cleaning for staff and visitors from this facility.
    Gold Staff Exercise Facility A full-service gym is accessible to staff and visitors at Golden Era Productions 24 hours a day. Ron Miscavige often enjoyed the use of this gym.
    Golden Era Exterior, Staff Enhancement, Qual Building Exterior of the Chapel at Golden Era Productions.
    Gold Base Basketball Court Basketball court: Just one of the many recreational facilities provided for Church staff and visitors for exercise.
    Gold Base Parcourse One station of the 20-station outdoor exercise and physical fitness Parcourse built for use by Church staff and visitors.
    Golden Era Gold Course sign Golden Era golf course: This public golf course is provided to the local community by Golden Era Productions as a public service for use in charitable activities. The golf course is provided free of charge so all proceeds benefit the charities involved.
    Golden Era Golf Course A view of the Golden Era golf course.